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Pipeline Programs:

Mentorship Program:

  • Description: Connects students interested in law with Los Abogados attorney members for mentorship, offering guidance and insights into the legal profession. The program is flexible, encouraging mentees and mentors to set their meeting schedules.
  • Participation: Open to all members and students who wish to explore the legal field.

Prof. Calleros Pipeline Fellowship Program:

  • Description: Supports aspiring law students through LSAT preparation, application guidance, and mentorship, significantly enhancing their readiness for law school. The program boasts a history of success, with fellows achieving notable improvements in LSAT scores and admissions to prestigious law schools.
  • Apply: Interested students can apply for the fellowship, which includes comprehensive LSAT prep and law school application support.

Los Abogados Pre-Law Program:

  • Description: Partners with local schools to introduce middle and high school students to the legal profession, offering presentations, classes, and mock trial competitions to spark interest in legal careers.
  • Engagement: Opportunities for members to volunteer and share their journey in the legal field with students.

Get Involved:

The Pipeline Committee's work is critical in building a diverse and vibrant legal community. Here's how you can contribute:

  • Volunteer: Support our programs by becoming a mentor, offering LSAT tutoring, or participating in school outreach.
  • Donate: Contribute to the fellowship program to help cover preparation course fees and materials for aspiring law students.
  • Spread the Word: Help us reach more students and potential mentors by sharing information about our programs.

Interested in Joining or Learning More?

Whether you're a student exploring a career in law, a legal professional interested in mentoring, or someone passionate about supporting legal education diversity, the Pipeline Committee welcomes your involvement.

Contact: To learn more about the Pipeline Committee's initiatives or to get involved, please email us at

Current Committee Members:

  • Co-Chair: Elizabeth Gonzalez
  • Co-Chair: Jonathan Chavez
  • Member: Hector Arevalo
  • Member: Sal Macias

The mission of Los Abogados is to develop, empower, and support the Latino community through the advancement of the legal profession.